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Who are we, anyway?

Featured Inside Sesame add-ins
for your Sesame Applications
Free online demos are available for all our Sesame add-ins. Call us at 800-780-5474 to get a demo. No obligation.

We can help you integrate Google Maps
into your Sesame system.
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The pop-up date range magician


Q&A Had Built-in Batch Posting Facilities.
Sesame Doesn't. We fill the gap


Do You Schedule People?
How'd you like to see everyone's schedule
for any day, side by side on a single screen?
Plus be able to cancel, schedule, reschedule
and reassign from that same screen?

You've never seen anything like this.

Keep Track of your Music, Photo, or Archived Data Files with the amazing CD/DVD Cataloger

Pop a CD or DVD into the drive and click the Catalog It! button. Adds a record for each file on the disk. Prints optional XTree-like report.



The cleverest Sesame add-in you'll
ever see. The handiest office calendar
you'll ever use

The Simple Sesame Calendar

  • Better organize yourself, your office

  • Pops up from any Sesame application or runs standalone from your desktop

  • Supports multiple users and schedules



Design and merge print all kinds of labels
using your Sesame data



Navigate your file system from any database record
Find, preview, link external files to your database records without leaving your database  more...


Add crosstab reports to your Sesame databases
Real Q&A-style
Crosstab Reports for your Sesame databases
 ... in about 10 minutes


Send merged faxes right from your Sesame records
A brilliantly simple way
to fax merged documents
to your contacts right from their database records  more...


Send merged emails right from your Sesame records
Effortlessly fire-off merged emails (with attachments) to your contacts right from their database records


Surprised to learn that we do custom database design, Q&A migration
even Web development?

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Here at Inside Sesame we've seen and done just about everything under the sun with Sesame (and Q&A). In fact, other Sesame developers come to us for solutions to their thorniest problems. So our expertise is a given. We do Web development, too, including making your Sesame data accessible on your Web site. And you get the competence and reliability you'd expect from us. Call us at 800-780-5474. The call is free, estimates are free, and as a subscriber you'll get 20% off our usual rates.

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What goes on here?
We showcase our monthly how-to newsletter, Inside Sesame, and feature tips, tricks, application ideas, custom databases, add-ins, utilities, services and downloads for folks using Lantica's Sesame Database Manager. Feel free to tell us if there's anything you'd like to see here.

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