Getting the Most from Lantica's Sesame Database Manager
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T H E  Q U A R T E R L Y  G U I D E  F O R  S E S A M E  U S E R S / D E V E L O P E R S

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Vol. 17, No.3
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July 2020 issue summary. . . [order code JUL20]

Combo Boxes in a Changing Environment ― A Control Panel for Dropdowns
A  company took a keen interest in a data entry tool that their old Q&A system didn’t have — Combo Boxes. Also called Dropdowns, they were looking to replace a host of text fields in their new Sesame application with these and would need a central facility ― a kind of control panel ― where they could update them as needed in real time without involving Sesame Designer.  (Sample PLANTSExp application in this issue's download file).

A Report Sorting Problem & Solution
Similar to sorting on a group of retrieved records, you can sort a report on as many fields as needed. These sorting options are usually all that’s needed to generate readable, intelligent reports. But what if they're not? In this case, an altogether different approach was needed to effectively sort a variety of reports.

Simple Q&A for Windows to Simple Sesame
After 25 YEARS in Q&A for Windows, a job placement company’s luck ran out when their new Windows 10 computers arrived. Part of the solution included a specialized record navigation widget.

_______________You ask. We answer.

  • Fix My Phone Numbers — For a database with a host of phone number fields, here's the trick to keeping them all in the same format, especially when they're brought in from another source.

  • UPPERCASE Not Copying Correctly — How to automatically retain consistent capitalization in fields with the same data type.

  • Yesterday Date Search — A simple trick for finding the previous day's records.

  • Add and Search at the 'Same Time' — How not to lose your Retrieve Spec criteria when switching to Add mode.

  • When @Number Just Won't Do It — Maintaining a compact and meaningful sequential numbering scheme when the numbers are alphanumeric. (Sample IS_CASE_NUMS database in this issue's download file.)

_______________Technical tidbits you can use today

  • Hiding Command Buttons — There have been numerous Inside Sesame articles about creating and programming navigation buttons. Here’s a different take on button visibility depending on the Sesame Mode you’re in.

  • Deleting a Record ― What About Subrecords? With Relational linking, deleting a parent record with one or more subrecords ― and not  also deleting the subrecords ― can come back to bite. Here's some sample code that addresses the issue.



(Insider password

How to Copy Programming Code from
Inside Sesame to paste into Sesame's Program Editor

You can copy programming code from Inside Sesame Acrobat PDFs and paste it into your Sesame Program Editor.

Select the code with your mouse, then Right click on the selected text and choose Copy to copy it to the clipboard. (If the program continues to another page, do that page separately.)

In Sesame's Program Editor, select Edit | Paste (or press Ctrl-V) to paste the copied code into the appropriate LE/Event slot.

Inside Sesame programming examples may inadvertently contain styled quotes. If these are present, you'll get a lexical error when you Test the program. You'll need to replace these styled quotes with the plain straight quotes the Program Editor requires.

Sesame doesn't like slanted (styled) quotes: “SomeValue″
Sesame likes plain straight quote marks: "SomeValue"

To convert any styled quotes to plain quotes in the Program Editor:

  1. Copy one styled opening quote to the clipboard.
  2. Open the Program Editor’s Search | Replace box.
  3. Paste (Ctrl-V) the styled opening quote into the Find field.
  4. Type a plain quote (") in the Replace field.
  5. Click Replace All.

Follow the same steps to replace any styled closing quotes with plain quotes then retest the program.