Getting the Most from Lantica's Sesame Database Manager
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The Most Powerful, Useful Sesame Add-In You'll Ever See

Shown below is a simplified example of a database that schedules outside service technicians. In this case, plumbers.

Shown further below is an example of a custom Sesame add-in that displays the entire company-wide service schedule for any day you choose.

This add-in pops-up over your Sesame application with the click of a button. All the data is shown in real time.

This particular add-in (and this is only one example) can be used for the following common scheduling tasks:

  • See who's scheduled to be where at any time of day.

  • See who has free time to take another service call.

  • Canceling service calls.

  • Marking service calls as completed.

  • Rescheduling service calls.

  • Reassigning service calls to other technicians.

All these tasks can be performed right from the add-in. (You don't have to go into the database to check things or update data. The add-in automatically updates the database then automatically redisplays to show the changes.)

This add-in could, additionally, allow you to add new service call appointments to the database. That feature could be designed into it. Users of the database would never actually have to go into the database itself.

Add-ins like this are huge time-savers. And they give you incredibly broad views of your data that no Sesame report or table view alone can provide.

This is just one example. Powerful add-ins like this can be custom designed to supercharge any database.

We invented this type of Sesame add-in. We can custom-build any kind of add-in you might need. We work with you on the design, build the add-in, demonstrated it you over the Internet to ensure it's exactly what you want, then take care of linking it into your Sesame application for you.

You start using it immediately. No fuss. Virtually no training needed. There's nothing you have to do except to start using it. 

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Shown below is a master scheduling calendar for a busy law office with 20 attorneys. The calendar is organized by court location, then by attorneys, then time of day. This scheduler enables the user to assign different "cover attorneys" to hearings, save these changes to the database, then redisplay the calendar with the changes made. The user can optionally use the Prev and Next buttons to view the previous or following working day's schedule.

Calendar Features


Need to schedule using an advanced interactive pop-up calendar?

You've got to see this!