Getting the Most from Lantica's Sesame Database Manager
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Introducing Email-It For
Sesame Database ManagerTM

What is Email-It?
is a streamlined "mini" emailing facility you can add to any form in any Sesame application. Adding Email-It to a form does not require programming knowledge. It takes under an hour to set up and get running. Email-It was developed and tested in Sesame 1.1.4 in Windows XP.

What does Email-It do?
lets you send mail-merged emails to your clients, customers or other contacts while working in your database records. Your emails can be personalized and customized using the data in the record. Email-It saves you from having to manually type your routine emails because it can merge your data with canned email message text. You can fire-off 10 customized emails using Email-It in about the same time it would take to send one email using a regular email program like Outlook. If your business is email-intensive, Email-It can make you much more productive.

Sample working application that comes with Email-It

What else does Email-It do?
lets you include up to three file attachments with any email. You can optionally CC and BCC others on any email you send. It also stores a copy of each email sent, so you can quickly and easily review all the emails you've sent to a particular contact.

How does Email-It work?

utilizes an award-winning command line email utility (trial version available at purchase price $45). Email-It comes with a fully working sample database (shown above) you can use to familiarize yourself with the way Email-It works. When you're ready to add Email-It to your own application, you use the sample application as a guide to adding the fields and buttons.

Does Email-It
replace my existing email program?
No you continue to use your regular email program for your non-routine outgoing email and to receive incoming email. You use Email-It to send your routine standardized email such as ads and other promotional messages, estimates, quotations, responses to inquiries, invoices, contracts and the like. The strength of Email-It is its ability to merge your Sesame data with simple merge files you can quickly and easily create in Notepad, Wordpad or Microsoft Word something your regular email program can't do.

How many databases or forms can I use Email-It with?
As many as you like. You can add Email-It to any form in any database.

How long does it take to set up Email-It?
Under an hour for anyone familiar enough with Sesame Designer to add a few fields and buttons to an existing form.

Can I get free technical support if I have any questions?
Yes toll-free at 800-780-5474 (US/Canada), 949-722-9127 outside the US. Or by email.

What the Email-It package includes...

  • An illustrated PDF (Acrobat) file of the Email-It article that appears in the December 2006 issue of Inside Sesame, our monthly newsletter. The article tells you everything you need to know to set up and use Email-It.

  • A fully-functional Email-It sample application you can play around with to familiarize yourself with its capabilities. To add Email-It to your own application, you simply add the Email-It fields and buttons to your own form, import the Email-It programming from the provided file (we tell you how it's easy), and you're ready to email from your Sesame records.

How to get Email-It*

The Email-It for Sesame package is available for $99 for a standalone (single) computer or $199 for unlimited use. The unlimited package permits commercial use in any applications you design. The Email-It package is delivered to you in a ZIP file by email attachment. Order it

Questions? Call toll-free 800-780-5474 (US/Canada) or 949-722-9127, or email us.

A free, no obligation Email-It demonstration is available over the Internet.
If your PC has an Internet connection, call us and we'll tell you how to connect
to one of our office PCs to view a live demo of Email-It

*Offers are made exclusively by Marble Publications, Inc., publisher of Inside Sesame.
Marble Publications is not part of Lantica Software, the maker of Sesame Database Manager.