Getting the Most from Lantica's Sesame Database Manager
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Introducing Fax-It For
Sesame Database ManagerTM

What is Fax-It?
is a desktop faxing add-in you can "drop-into" to any form in any Sesame application. Adding Fax-It to a form does not require any programming knowledge.

What does Fax-It do?
enables you to fax merged or non-merged documents of almost any file type along with a merged cover sheet to clients, customers or other contacts on-the-fly while working in your database records. You don't need a fax machine. All you need are the following:

  • Windows XP.
  • A fax modem (internal or external) and phone line.
  • One or more fax merge documents you can easily create in Microsoft Word (we show you how and supply samples) or most any other type of file, including Word files, PDF files, Web page files, and so on.
  • A simple Windows script (provided).

How does Fax-It work?
works with the Windows Fax feature that comes with Windows XP. The Fax-It package includes a fully functional sample Sesame database that you can use to familiarize yourself with the way the Fax-It process works. When you're ready to add Fax-It to your own application, you simply use the sample application as a guide for the few fields and buttons you'll need on your form (shown in the sample screen below at the bottom).

How many databases or forms can I use Fax-It with?
As many as you like. You can add Fax-It to any form in any database.

How long does it take to set up Fax-It?
Under an hour for someone familiar enough with Sesame Designer to add a few new layout elements to a form.

Can I get free technical support if I have any questions?
Yes toll-free at 800-780-5474 (US/Canada), 949-722-9127 outside the US. Or by email.

What the Fax-It package includes...

  • Detailed illustrated instructions in a PDF (Acrobat) document.

  • A fully-functional Fax-It sample application you can play around with to familiarize yourself with how it works.

  • A custom Windows script necessary to run Windows Fax.

How to get Fax-It*

The Fax-It for Sesame package is available for $99 for a standalone (single) computer or $199 for unlimited use. The unlimited package permits commercial use in any applications you design. The Fax-It package is delivered to you in a ZIP file by email attachment. Order it

Questions? Call toll-free 800-780-5474 (US/Canada) or 949-722-9127, or email us.

A free, no obligation Fax-It demonstration is available over the Internet.
If your PC has an Internet connection, call us and we'll tell you how to connect
to one of our office PCs to view a live demo of Fax-It

*Offers are made exclusively by Marble Publications, Inc., publisher of Inside Sesame.
Marble Publications is not part of Lantica Software, the maker of Sesame Database Manager.