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Here's your no-cost

life insurance policy


Take home your company's most valuable asset each day

Should a data disaster occur, restore the database in 2 minutes

Database-to-go Sesame-style

There's no smarter or easier way to protect your company's most valuable asset than to have an up-to-date copy of your database in your pocket when you leave the office for the day.

Especially when it's this easy:

  1. Pop a thumb drive into your PC

  2. Click a button on your Sesame form

  3. Pocket the thumb drive and off you go

This powerful feature can be added to your
Sesame system over a remote connection

  • Only you or someone you designate can copy the database files.

  • The database running on your server does not have to be unloaded/shut down.

  • The same USB drive can be used day after day. An earlier copy of the database is simply replaced with a fresh up-to-date copy at each backup.

  • Copies both the Sesame database and Designer files.

  • Other Sesame-related folders can automatically be added to the backup.

  • If more than one USB drive plugged in, Sesame prompts for the one to use.

  • The database is 100% useable as-is on the USB drive away from the office.

  • Restore the database in minutes in the event of a disaster.

  • No adverse impact on any database features or operations.

  • The database can be in use by others when you make the USB backup.

  • Zero maintenance or recurring fees.

 $249.00 complete. You supply the thumb drive. We do the rest

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Marble Publications & Data, Inc.
(Certified Sesame Professional)

  800-780-5474 / 949-722-9127
  www.quickanswer.com / www.insidesesame.com




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