Getting the Most from Lantica's Sesame Database Manager
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This search page scans records from an Inside Sesame index database to help you find what you're looking for in the current or back issues.

The search method (except for*) is: meets ALL restrictions.

For all text fields, the search engine uses a CONTAINS operator. For example, searching for print is like using  ..print..  and will find all occurrences of print, printing, printstring(), misprint, overprinted, etc.

TIP Search on the singular or simpler form of the term. A search on Report will find occurrences of Reports, but Reports won't find Report. Likewise, macro will find @Macro, but @Macro won't find macro. Searching on Print will find Printing, but not vice versa.

Do NOT use special search symbols such as .. or > or the like, or multiple search parameters such as fixed; file.

Searching is case-insensitive: @Add@add, @ADD are all the same.

*Universal Search searches ALL fields, using a CONTAINS operator, ignoring all other search criteria except Issue Year and Content Type.

Note: The deepest type of search you can perform is to search the Inside Sesame PDF files themselves.

You can do this by downloading all your issues to a single folder on your computer, then using Adobe Reader's Edit / Advanced Search feature.

If you have all the issues, this is by far the most powerful type of search you can perform as it searches every word in every issue.


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